Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome! :)

Big ol' Texas hair, 5 year-old toddlers whipping out words that only adults would use, and four lazy canines all clutter up my living room as I write this. Yes, four dogs and as you probably can(not) imagine, they all snore. Some have nightmares at times and look as if they are having a seizure with their eyes slightly opened and pushed back into their sockets. It is kind of scary if you ask me. My darling angels are all boys. Miko, a lovable yet slightly slow Miniature Schnauzer can spend hours staring at you just so you can pick him up and lay him on your lap. He has never been able to climb up the sofa by himself... He is the type of dog that makes you wonder if mental retardedness exists in dogs. (Must I remind you that most mentally challenged children are the sweetest and most affectionate of all). Butters, a Maltese mixed with a half Bishon and half Chihuahua is a snaggletoothed little piece of heaven. He tends to bark his little heart out at times, and if I recall correctly, destroyed several doggie beds in his puppy years. Yet, as he has grown older, all he wants to do is cuddle and sometimes climbs to the top of the couch and scratches my head...he is all about making his mommy happy. Max, Butter's younger brother from the same parents but from a different litter, is shy of a year old..and everything you would expect from a puppy. Loud, hyper, lovable. His preferred hair cut at the groomer's is the Teddy Bear cut, and my OH MY! he looks so handsome when he gets it done. And the fourth pooch, is Mia, another mini Schnauzer whom I am doggie sitting for a few weeks as my mother and brother are overseas in my home country of Honduras.
Honduras: for those of you who don't know, is the gorgeous country that is smack in the middle of the Americas. And I don't mean The United States, because I am know for a fact that many people believe that "America" is only the USA. No darlings, America, is made up of North, Central, and South America. This is something that has honestly always ticked me off...but knowledge must be shared so there you go! Honduras is beautiful and has an abundance of natural resources and fascinating people. And if you ever have a chance to book a cruise to the Caribbean, go to Roatan. Most cruise lines have ships that go there, and it is our little island gem off the north shore of the country. The beaches are covered in delicious-in-between-your-toes white sands and the snorkeling in the pristine water can't be beat. If you have money to blow, stay there a few nights and check in at the Palmetto Bay Plantation Resort, the have superior beach front villas and the best margaritas with the best staff.
So, dear readers, if you are out there...somewhere....I will be saying adieu on my very first post in The Adventures and Creations of Yours Truly....Good night! :) 

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