Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Apples and Anyones.

Hello there! Have you missed me yet? Life has been crazy, from starting a new job to arguing with dirty neighbors to new discoveries in cooked and baked goods. I am telling you, life is full of things that you never even dream about. There is so much potential in what you can do in life. 24 hours can bring so much time (or sometimes, or rather, most of the time, no time AT ALL) and having a full time job, three dogs and another full time business can have me rolling around in circles begging for some order.

My wonderful boyfriend gifted me a Motorola Xoom Android-powered tablet a few months ago and I must admit, I was a little bummed it wasnt an iPad (listen to little ole spoiled me...). The Apple interface is so beautiful, so clean. So effortless. This tablet seemed like a huge mess. He bought it for me so I could organize myself better and be able to mobilize my documents without having to carry around a computer with me (so heavy and risky, and knowing my clumsy self I would probably drop it in a puddle somewhere, lol). I neglected the poor little tablet for a few months. Kept it in a drawer hidden. Took it out every once in a while to see if there were any new updates.
It was just there. Existing.
Until I discovered this amazing website/Cloud based app called Dropbox. Now I know what you are thinking...."WHAT WORLD DOES THIS CHICK LIVE ON?!!?" Yes, I know. But don't think that I heard about it till just now, I had downloaded it into my iPhone about 2 months ago and hadn't really tried it out. Underestimated its full capacity and capabililty to assist me in so much. Then I found out that my tablet can have Dropbox also! OMG. I have died and gone to synch-me heaven. And to think that the first 2GB are free. Honestly, unless you are uploading and storing pictures in this app, you really don't need more than that. I know I don't. Jeez, I should get paid for saying all this. Then again, I sometimes expect to get paid even when I am on the can. Obviously not happening.

I should learn to blog more. I like blogging. It is such a release. I admire those people who can blog every single day. I will make sure to find time to write more often (I have the blogger app on my tablet! Yeay!) 

Thank you for reading...if there is anyone reading...anyone out there? Lol. It's okay. Maybe this can become my not-so-private private diary online? :) I will be back tomorrow (maybe.) Lol.

Peace out homies. Live long and prosperous.